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Both of these short notes are related to Fundamental Physics. The first is about Quantum Gravity (mostly string theory and things like toy models inspired from it), and the second is about already empirically established frameworks like general relativity and quantum field theory. My old notes were specific to a single undergrad semester, after which I will never edit them. These 2 are different in that I would like to edit them forever with no set deadline.

You can find some of my old notes below.

Spring 2021-2022 (6th semester)
Autumn 2021-2022 (5th semester)
Spring 2020-2021 (4th semester)
JEE prep notes (2017-2019)
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Spring 2021-2022
  • Statistical Physics notes
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  • Electromagnetic Theory notes
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  • Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics notes
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I also did Special topics in elementary particle physics and Elementary particle physics courses this semester and they are among my favourite courses I did at IITB till now. Both courses deal with quantum field theory. I will upload the notes for both combined after I add several things to it.

Autumn 2021-2022

1) Book recommendations from PSE
2) Notes recommendations from PSE
3) A Physics Book List: Recommendations from the Net
4) Short notes by Kevin Zhou
5) Lecture notes by David Tong
6) Warren Siegel notes and parodies
7) Lecture notes by Matthew D. Schwartz
8) Lecture notes by Eric D’Hoker
9) Notes from the seminars of John Baez
10) How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist by ’t Hooft
11) How to Email a Research Professor
12) Advice for the Young Scientist by John Baez
13) Career advice by Terence Tao
14) So You Want To Be A Physicist by ZapperZ

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