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I am in a stubbornly persistent illusion that I have free will.

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Hi, my name is Sreeman Reddy Kasi Reddy and I’m a physics master’s student (2023-2024) at Brandeis University. Previously I did my undergrad in physics at IIT Bombay (2019-2023) with Honors in Physics. I am from Andhra Pradesh.

I am currently interested in doing research in quantum gravity, holographic dualities, string theory, quantum field theories (especially CFTs), and cosmology.


1) Reading physics books and the history of physics.
2) Watching Anime.
3) Thinking about some metaphysical questions like Why there is anything at all?, What is the meaning of life? etc.

Feel free to browse the projects section and also to contact me.

You can also find me on Physics Stack Exchange.

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