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My name is Kasireddy Sreeman Reddy1 and I’m a physics PhD student (2024-2029) at the Weizmann Institute in the hep-th group advised by Prof. Aharony and Prof. Berkooz. Previously I did my undergrad in physics at IIT Bombay (2019-2023) with Honors in physics and masters at Brandeis University (2023-2024).

I am currently interested in doing research in quantum gravity, string theory, holography, quantum field theories (especially CFTs), and cosmology.

Hometown: Tadipatri
Date of Birth: 2002-01-23
Languages: Telugu (native language), English (fluent), Hindi (conversational) and Mathematics (noob)
Favourite theories2: String/M-theory > General relativity > QFT > Classical physics except GR > Quantum mechanics

  1. Questioning my current philosophical beliefs.
  2. Reading the history of physics.
  3. Watching anime and reading manga.
  4. Adding extra firm tofu to everything I cook.
  5. Being in a stubbornly persistent illusion that I have free will.
  6. Procrastinating 😢
  1. In Telugu script: కసిరెడ్డి శ్రీమాన్ రెడ్డి, in Devanagari: कसिरेड्डि श्रीमान रेड्डि and in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA): /kasiɾeɖɖi ʃɾiːmaːn ɾeɖɖi/.

    In this Telugu name, Sreeman is the given name and Kasireddy is the family name and Telugu family names come at the beginning of the name (unlike any other Indian culture) and are almost always abbreviated.

    In all Indian and Andhra Pradesh official documents, there is a wrong space and my name is written as Kasi Reddy Sreeman Reddy and I am continuing that mistake in all official documents. For official international documents, I use Sreeman Reddy Kasi Reddy as my name.

     Actual nameLegal name (typo)
    State or CountryKasireddy Sreeman ReddyKasi Reddy Sreeman Reddy
    InternationalSreeman Reddy KasireddySreeman Reddy Kasi Reddy

    Unfortunately, my name contains my former caste “Reddy” twice. But ever since I stopped believing in Hinduism at age 10 or 11, I understood that the hereditary caste system is immoral and stopped identifying with my former caste. I am firmly against all forms of hierarchical discrimination, from casteism to speciesism, as explained in this page at footnote 1

  2. From an empirical viewpoint QFT, (or, more precisely, the standard model which is a theory, but QFT itself is a framework) has much more predictive and explanatory power compared to general relativity. But the standard model requires 25 fundamental dimensionless constants that must come from experiments. General relativity needs no fundamental dimensionless constants and in principle (even in practice, that was how it was discovered) can be completely guessed if one knows Newtonian gravity and electromagnetism and is more elegant than QFT. General relativity has a uniqueness that is not present in the standard model. Like GR, string theory is also a very unique theory. Perturbative string theory has only 1 fundamental dimensionless constant, the string length in the Planck units (the string coupling constant is also a fundamental dimensionless constant, but it is not independent. One of these 2 will automatically give the other. When we say small coupling constant, it means the same as large string length in the Planck units). But M-theory has no fundamental dimensionless constant, just like GR. The string coupling and the string length are given by $g_{\mathrm{s}}=\left(\dfrac{R_{10}}{\ell_{P}}\right)^{3 / 2}$ and $\ell_{s}=\ell_{P}\left(\dfrac{R_{10}}{\ell_{P}}\right)^{-1 / 2}$ where $\ell_{P}$ is the 11D Plack length and $R_{10}$ is the radius of the dimension that we compactify to get type IIA string theory.
    I ranked QM lower than classical physics because when comparing between the dozen+ interpretations, there is no proper answer to basic questions like whether reality is probabilistic or deterministic. This problem is less severe in QFT/string theory because they put more constraints on interpretations. For example, de Broglie–Bohm interpretation is equally good as others for QM, but it doesn’t work well with special relativity.

    Check this post. 

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